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Truly Relaxing and Authentic Environment

Don’t miss out on this exotic fusion of cultures! We serve dishes from all over the Mediterranean, including Pakistan and India Fusion. The chefs who created these wonders have decades of experience working in these lands. The kitchen is gorgeous in every way.

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Food that Restores, Replenishes, and Revives

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Gourmet food to compliment your shisha

The flavors of our international inspired menu are based on fresh, wholesome, and unique ingredients. Find dishes fortified with fresh spices, vegetables, seafood, and meat.

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We are a Shisha Lounge, Cafe Restaurant based in Houston.

Don't miss out on this exotic fusion of cultures!



9421 Highway 6
Houston, TX


Sunday - Thursday from 4:00pm - 2:00am
Friday - Saturday from 4:00pm - 3:00am